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hi kaotik,

I think this was added in the newest Firmware version. If you create a seamless loop you can cut it like shown in the video by pressing the beat tap. So you can make it longer (maybe 2bars) or shorter (till 1/64 bar).

So maybe just update your firmware - then it works Wink

Best Regards
Didden't you post up a firmware update then ADJ came by and said it wasn't official? Wish ADJ would chime in to set it straight. I think they're focused now on the European market now and have given up in the States.

Thanks for the reply, I'll have to do more digging and see what I can come up with. Really don't want to brick my unit.
Wow, that is very poor on their behalf. Why not provide updates on the adj website, like denon, pioneer, and the rest of the lot do. Shame you would have to call the for an update. More time wasted. A simple solution would be to provide your email upon registration, then email those who have applicable firmware updates. Provide a link in the email and it's a done deal.

Ich danke ihnen für ihre hilfe!

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