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Wondering if you can perform simultaneous button presses on the Radius 1000/3000's.

I have a pair of PSX-2's and I can't turn off multiple effects all at once, each one has to be turned off one at a time. Same goes from playing a sample to hitting the play/cue button, it can't be at the same time, it's one or the other.

Wondering if this is a possibility with the new gear?

The LED ring that goes round and round, is that for looks or is it somewhat functional as a indicator when scratching, and is it usable?

Lastly, the wheels on the Radius, do they spin and spin and spin like on a PSX-2, or do they have some resistance?

One more thing, any major differences between the 1000 and 3000, other than led color and the front mount usb port?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Kaotik

Just seen your post and lets see if I can help.

I have 2 x Radius 3000 decks.

if you have multiple FX selected you can press the buttons at the same time and they will all turn off.

Samples can be played and then hit start to bring in the track you have loaded

The decks do have some resistance on them so won't spin freely. I prefer it this way

The ring light is for effect as far as I can see but does give you a ref point fro when you are scratching. I don't scratch much so don't use it very much.

Hope this helps


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