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I know this light is long discontinued, but I figured someone on here may have knowledge. My Roto Balls Tri LED need to hear about 90 decibels to even stay on, and after a few seconds of silence they will time out and lights shut off. All I'm looking to do is to get them to stay on regardless of sound. Whether the lights still change based on sound, or they periodically change color like the Jelly Cosmos, I don't care. I just want them to stay on.

I've done some digging and it appears to me that the European Roto Balls Tri LED functions differently.
According to this forum post, the European Roto Balls Tri LED have an additional switch that actually turns on and off the Sound Active feature. This is nowhere to be found on my American Roto Balls Tri LED. And sure enough, on the Europe ADJ parts catalog, the LED board has an additional header where the switch would go, as well as a resister bridging 2 pads. My board has none of this as you can see from the attachmentsRoto Balls americanRoto Balls EU.

Unfortunately the center chip that houses the program is labeled according to region, so I doubt adding this to my board would do anything.

So I'm a bit stuck. I could buy the European board off the parts catalog, but that would be quite expensive to ship I imagine. The center chip is socketed. If I could somehow obtain a new chip and original program, and modify it so it just removes the automatic time out, and somehow write it onto the new chip, that would be amazing. Or if ADJ could send me a modified chip that I could swap in, not sure about that one. Either way, I'd love to hear from someone on this forum that has knowledge or advice on the subject.


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