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Willing to buy PS2s have not got down to doing it. I read in the forums about 2 weeks ago about the ps2s overheating and causing cds to distort. I drew this to the attention of a couple djs who owns them and told me that this problem was sorted out. Can someone in here explain this whole problem I really wanna know whats up. I mean I do not expect the equipment to be perfect but I do wanna know that I have made a great investment. Peace out and respect to everyone.
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I wouldn't worry about it. The PS2s have a two-year warrenty, and excellent customer support. I had to send a PS1 back to them, and they turned it around in less than a week.

As far as "the problem", I've only had it happen using cheesy CD-R media and burning too fast. User error, as it was. Never had a problem with off-the-shelf CDs.
The PS2's DO get very warm, but it is of no concern. They are great players, covered by one of the best warranties, and support teams in the industry. If you ever do need them. I have had no problems related to heat, and mine are kept in a coffin. They will give you years of trouble free service, so as long as you keep the rear of the players clear of obstructions to allow air circulation. The cause of the heat is the special power supply needed to make the touch sensitivuty work.

Buy with confidence.
I have owned my PS2's a little over a year. I had the first ProScratch's for 3 years before that. They get used on average 2-3 times per week live a shows between 4-7 hrs. When I do weddings though, I will usually leave them off during the c0cktail and dinner hour to save some wear and tear on them, and just play either off my backup deck, or my PC for the c0cktail and dinner music.
I had the heat issue with one of my players. I sent it in and a heat sink was problems since Cool . I had both my players modified in this way. I have had my players about 16 months. I use them about 3-4 times days a week at about two hours each day. In addition to that more hours depending on how many gigs I have for the weekends. I usually play for 4-5 hours in the club.

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