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a month ago, i bought an american audio amplifier V4001 and the V5001.

Now i've finished building my PA speakers, and wanted to try them.
I set it up all correctly. And when I turn on the V4001, both channels are at "protect mode", wich means the AMP has detected a short circuit and turned off the channels (both channels, while i just connected one channel first). There is a breaker at the back, but i don't see anywhere at the manual how to put back the breaker on its "on" mode. Or if this is a fault from the AMP, and i have to return it and they give me a new one.

Has anyone experience some trouble like this??

The breaker of the V5001 is a button, that you just press it and it goes on again. But the breaker of the V4001 is a kind of a switch on/off, and i've tryed to press it and seems that is on its "on mode"...

Thanks for you help in advance.
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