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Gracias por leer este mensaje. Tengo un problema. Yo soy un dj que usa la computadora y necesito comprar el ADJ PRO MIX que tu tienes. Lo fui a probar con mi compu a una tienda y el programa corrio bien, pero el problema es que la musica se corta, como con los discos rayados te brinca segundos.

Mis mp3 no estan "rayados" y mi pc esta por encima de los requerimientos recomendados del sistema:

pentium 4 1.1 ghz
512 mb de ram
100 gb en dos discos duros ( 1 para musica, otro para software )
Windows Millenium

Te agradeceria si me dijeras que es lo que pasa y si tuviste un problema similar. Porfavor unicamente contactarme a mi email:

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I am Sorry.

Thanks a lot for reading this message. I am a DJ that uses the computer and I need to buy the ADJ PRO MIX that you have. I tried it in a store with my own PC and the program seemed to be fine but the problem is that it skips seconds from the songs, just like when you have a damaged CD.

My mp3 are OK and my PC is better than the recommended system requirements:
Pentium 4 1.1 GHZ
512 MB RAM
100 GB in 2 hard disks ( 1 for music, the other for software )
Windows Millenium

I'd be thankful if you could tell me what's going on and if you had any similar issues.The Pro Mix is an excellent DJ tool and I really got dissappointed when it did not work properly as it should. I don't think it might be the computer, because I can use several music programs at a time with no problems. Maybe is something about the settings and configuration. If I didn't have enough memory in my PC, I would have said it's a memory problem.

Please do contact me at

well extra memory can never hurt it......

it wouldn't warn you about memory unless it was in the danger low zone......

personally I run 1 gig of ram on my laptop and she runs perfectly......

also, may want to take a look at
a) any programs running in the backround)
b) if possible, upgrade to 2000 or XP from ME, ME was probably the worst OS MS released....2000 shouldn't be that expensive and will give a noticable increase in preformence

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