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I own a airstream bridge and for using light rider I need to update the unit to v3. The problem is when I try to connect to it; the unit won't show up as an Com-port. (see the instructions). 

Does anybody have any idea how to connect to the device?

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The program that does the update doesn't use COM, it uses HID USB. No driver is needed for the update. Also, did you confirm that you have an older version of firmware? V3 has been around for quite a while now.

The other Windows program that's used to configure the bridge settings does use COM over USB and requires a driver that's included when you download the program. This is a separate program that's not related to doing firmware updates.

Okey, by putting the bridge in bootloader mode via the Ipad I managed to connect it through USB and update the firmware to v3. Put the arcnet settings on and now try to use the light rider/mydmx go with the airstream bridge. 

It sees the airstream bridge in the light rider app, but it seems it is only working when you buy the license. But nowhere on the website you can buy this license. 

So ADJ, what is the idea? How do we make this work?

Glad to see you were able to update. Check with Light Rider on how to buy the Art-Net license. There should be instructions on their site or check one of the LR support groups on Facebook. Art-Net is only supported on the original version of LR though and not the ADJ (DMX Go) version.

I also found the problem, this purchase won't work on a android device, but only on the Ipad. Was a bit shocked the price was 148 euro for the european market. Which is the same price for the entire "mydmx go set".

When I buy the Mydmx Go set. Can I also use the light rider app with my Airstream bridge; or is that one restricted to the hardware of the mydmx go?

Are you on Facebook? There is a Light Rider support group in the UK that's on there. They seem to be on top of all this right now. ADJ support can probably only help with mydmxgo questions. I can help with the Airstream but I'm not completely up with the latest LR news.

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