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I recently downloaded the May 2020 version of MyDMX 3.0, successfully programmed some light shows, and saved the show files.

Unfortunately, when I reopen the program and try to import any of the previously saved show files either the software crashes or nothing happens at all. 
Has anyone else experienced this and been able to fix the problem?

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Thanks.  So I uninstalled everything, reinstalled the January release and then synced my controller with the pc again. The app opens with no problem, my fixtures are all powered on, the first fixture is lit up (Not the rest), but when I patch in and try to program the lights none of them are responding!  They were working fine before.  What am I doing wrong?

Yes, they were. I’m not sure what was going on there.  Everything worked after I restarted the pc.  Today I was able to program a show, save it, close it and then reopen it by right-clicking on the show file and selecting Open.  
so that seems to be working right, fingers crossed. 
One thing that I don’t understand is why it still will not work when I open MyDMX 3.0, click on File and select Import Show.  When I do it that way and use the file browser to select a show file it still will not import it and open it up. 

Thanks a lot for your help with that.  

I was able to get my light show programmed and working well, including with the easy remote iPad app.  However, it seems to only work properly for a short time, and then the show gets “stuck” on a certain scene and I can’t change it.  The show graphics are changing correctly in the ADJ MyDMX  software but the actual lights don’t respond.   Some of the lights would stop working all together while others would be stuck on whatever color/level they were on.   
Even after double checking all the DMX cables, Power cables and mode settings on the lights I couldn’t find anything wrong.  Three times now I’ve shut down the PC, unplugged the lights, waited several minutes and then turned everything back on, and everything would work right again - for a little while.   After several minutes it would repeat the failure.  Any idea what could be causing this?

thank you

I uninstalled the May version a while ago and reverted back to the January version.  The firmware is updated.  I may completely remove it again and reinstall - it seems like there's a possibility the file is corrupted.  May also be an issue with the controller itself?   I'll check the power saving and usb sleep settings too.

Thanks for the tips.

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