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One feature (maybe the only Roll Eyes ) that caught my eye with the DJM-3000 was the effect mix functionality. I know, "this is not a good way to mix" "this is a cheaters mix function, etc.." but to be honest, i'd actually like something like that, I wouldnt use it to avoid beatmatching, but it be it'd be a nice feature to have to mix things up a little bit once i a while or to use in an emergency (20 seconds left to the song and i cant beatmatch them in time, for example).

Care to elaborate?
That was one of the biggest selling points to me as well. But after my initial, ooohhh I gotta play with this thing all the time reaction, I got bored of it quickly, and in reality forgot it had it most of the time, and you have to be careful, because if you use it and don't have everything set correctly to start with, all music stops playing and you have no volume. The QFX has crossfader effects that you can use to make some interesting mixes, and one of the best features the QFX has over the DJM is the ability to layer effects (meaning using more than one effect simultaneously).
Yea, figures, i wont get the cake, and be able to eat it too. The QFX-19 looks real good, i havent had a chance to play with it, but i guess i'm going to have to give it a run.

I like the ability to layer effects, but alot of the stuff the QFX-19 (from what i read) can be done with my DCD-Pro1000. So maybe the idea to buy the DJM-3000 was based soley on the Fader Effects option.

Thanks for the time and advice, Stevie. most appreciated.

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