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So I have made the change to "Digital"DJ. I hope I have made the right choice.

I have just purchased a Pro-Mix and it's different but interesting. I seen to have a problem ... when I have the Tempo Lock and Pitch up to approx +1.2 and up I seem to have a "Flange" effect gooding on with the song that is playing (it mostly happens on the right side player). As soon as I remove the Tempo Lock that "Flange" effect seems to disappear.

Is there a way I can correct this?
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Thanks a lot for reading this message. I am a DJ that uses the computer and I need to buy the ADJ PRO MIX that you have. I tried it in a store with my own PC and the program seemed to be fine but the problem is that it skips seconds from the songs, just like when you have a damaged CD.

My mp3 are OK and my PC is better than the recommended system requirements:
Pentium 4 1.1 GHZ
512 MB RAM
100 GB in 2 hard disks ( 1 for music, the other for software )
Windows Millenium

I'd be thankful if you could tell me what's going on and if you had any similar issues.The Pro Mix is an excellent DJ tool and I really got dissappointed when it did not work properly as it should. I don't think it might be the computer, because I can use several music programs at a time with no problems. Maybe is something about the settings and configuration. If I didn't have enough memory in my PC, I would have said it's a memory problem.

Please do contact me at

Just an FYI I have used **** and Mixmeister. And to let you guys know that every DJ program I have used has a "problem" with what I consider "floating" cuepoints. Meaning whenever you hit the cue button and then the play button again. The song starts a a slightly different location. I have also noticed that this happens often during loops as well. The timing on an MP3 is very difficult to get right every time. This is why I believe there are "time" location problems with most every MP3 DJ software.

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