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yeah..i have the manual...the blackout button blacks out, but you can tell the lights are still on.

I guess the proper way is to shut the lights off on the unit itself and let the fan run for a few minutes...

I'm new to this stuff

Also, is there any truss you would recommend, not too expensive, some sort of crank system. I currently have the dura truss but am returning it because I found out the hard way it is not intended for the accu scan's

oh really?? cool im glad i was right then. lol
ya man turn em off and then let the fan run. and the crank 2 system should have enough weight. each accu is like 30 lbs. and the limit evenly distributed on the stands is 140. so i think you will be ok. do u have clamps? also no AIM. sorry just yahoo and msn and skype. peace! sincerely jingles.
ok...i'm going for the crank 2...

now 1 more question (1st off tomorrow I'll download msn) American DJ gave me 4 addresses to dial in on my lights to get to work with my DMX controller. Is there any other addresses that I can dial in for different programs? Is it even necessary? Do most people actual program these things or just run the programs already installed?
hey man. cool i'll be on tomm eve for sure. with ur controller i think only 8 pre programs are in there and 8 strobe programs i think as well. but i dunno about most people but i would def. buy a dmx operator or something like that for more control over these lights cause trust me man once u have full control over these lights it is endless. i know u can look around and get a dmx operator 192 witha joystick for cheap but u gotta look. as far as different acess of programs i think what u got is what u have for now. but say u did get a dmx op. u could program ur own sequences and move them over to ur solo and play those back. peace! jingles. talk to you tomm.

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