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We have a spammer who has chosen to take up residence on this forum. It is posting and promoting for their products for a company called AISEESOFT.

Each of their postings have been made via zombied machines, most of which are in China. They are by no means restricting themselves to Chinese zombies to rape.

The domain is registered via "Domains by Proxy", which is the privacy protected branch of GoDaddy.

The site itself is hosted on SoftLayer.

The spammer uses disposable Gmmail drops for their accounts.

By possibly over-stepping my bounds, I hereby order a "Cease and Desist" any new or fresh postings, or even re-postings in regards to product offerings by AISEESOFT.

It has been made clear that your activities are unwelcome and unwanted here. You have been having your posts deleted and now moved to be inaccessible to others and to be held and compiled against you and your organization. I am trying to be nice about this. American DJ companies may have additional things they may want to do, which would be extremely nasty and end up costing you significantly.

It is well advised to simply stop these activities immediately.

If you choose to pick up the thrown gauntlet, let me inform you of a few things:

I've taken down MUCH bigger and Ive been doing it for 14 years. Regardless of what ADJ's position is, should you come after ME directly and personally, I can guarantee that your online experience will become a nightmare as you are forced to move not only from ISP to ISP and being blacklisted, but to also losing your domain registations. I will even go as far as to force your business and merchant accounts to be cancelled and your bank accounts siezed. In short, I can destroy your business very quickly and permanently and make you such a bad name that even scum-friendly Nigeria won't even host you.

Thnk about it. This is your choice. I'm asking you nicely to simply walk away.
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