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Hi everybody. I've finally took the plunge and purchased 2 Radius 3000's which with any luck will arrive tomorrow. The one thing that made me interested was the ability to use a USB drive but then I found out it was only able to use a maximum 32gb thumb drive. Now this is fine if I was doing a house session but most of my gigs are for reggae nights and playlist just don't cut it most of the time as a lot of the time you have to select on the go. Reggae DJ's will know what I mean.
Anyway, I'm now in the process of sorting out my very large selection of music in to files ready to drop on to some thumb sticks. My question is format can the folders be? Can I have folders with sub folders? How many folders can I have, how many sub folders per folder and how many files in a sub folder? If sub folders cant be used how many files can be in a folder and how many folders can I have.
I was hoping to get away from using a laptop but I have a feeling it may not be possible unless I start carrying my CD's again.
I'm hoping this is an active community so I will get an answer, if not I'll post my findings once I get my new players. I'll give review of what they can and can't do. Here's hoping selling my Technics SL DZ1200s to buy the 3000s wasn't a mistake; they were great decks but had their limitations and lacked the features of the 3000.
So, to one and all "Hello" and stay tuned
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Hi again. Well I've got my 3000s and whilst I'm impressed by the features it disappointing that I've come across issues straight away. The CD player work fine I haven't come across any BPM fluctuations I do have a problem with the Tempo lock causing the vocals to distort. Also, when I use a USB thumb drive (16gb formated to FAT32)the music sticks at random points on random tracks. I've tried it with just one deck and it happens but if I link the decks the music is unplayable. Either way without a fix I can't risk using the decks with a USB Drive at gigs. Pity, as this was one of the reason for the purchase. Although, as CDJs these seem to be great. I have hooked these babies up to Traktor yet to see how they perform but that will be my next test.
Has anyone got any ideas what the issue might be with the sticky tracks playing (or not playing) from the thumb drive? I did use the data base builder to sort the music. The thumb drive has main folders with sub folders. Do I need to have just one main folder with all my music contained in the folder? I'm hoping not.
I intend on getting two 32gb drives one for each deck but if I can't solve the issue there's not much point in wasting my money.
Does anyone know what fixes the firmware updates give? Has anyone had similar problems?
I'm hoping one of the moderators will pick this up and offer some advice or guidance. I'd like to stick with my decks and prove that these are as good I thought they would be and that AA offer good customer service. When I tried RELOOP products I found to my expense that their support is non existent some come on AA don't let a customer walk away.
Well the sage continues, ADJ have sent me the firmware update which I'll flash later. I tried Traktor last night using the TSI from ADJ but I managed to get hold of an amended version curtesy of trikzah on YOUTUBE. I Must admit as a controller the 3000's are fantastic. I'm still having issues playing from a USB drive so I'll change install the firmware to see if that cures the issue if it doesn't I'll try using folders without sub folders. If that doesn't work I'll try some other drives but as I use the drive in my car without issues I don't think it's the card, we'll see.
Stay tuned.
Well, both decks are now running the latest firmware but I still can't trust playing files from a USB stick. For some unknown reason when playing from a USB stick it a deck will lock up and the music gets stuck in 3 to 4 sec loop like a scratched record. Not to much of a problem as I use TRaktor with a 1Tb drive so being restricted to 32Gb wasn't really an option for me but would have possibly been useful at times.
All being said I'm still more than please with the 3000's nad I had a few DJ friends come round to mine at Xmas and were surprised at the price and quality of the 3000's when compare to the so called "Club standard" decks. After all how many of you drive Ferrari's or a Rolls Royce, do you have the need to? Well all I need is a decent set of decks a mixer and but most importantly the sense to know wheat to play to keep the crowd going.
Practice and Enjoy!

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