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Hello Everybody, Wink

I Send to you the NEW American Audio Radius 3000 Update !!

Before you update check the firmware versions in the menu of each radius.
These must be older then > CON11.01 SEV08.03 BUF 07.01 DSP 22.07
This update will include the pitch accuracy upgrade and Fix Bugs

Install Note:

1. Please find the latest firmware attached, please unpack the RAR file into an empty standard USB stick (FAT32).
2. On the USB stick must only be the 5 files.
3. Connect the USB stick to the Radius 3000 to update the units.
4. Don't remove the USB stick while updating, also don't power OFF the units. This can damage the Radius players and will void the warranty.

New American Audio Radius 3000 Update >>

FReaK N SouL Smiler Smiler
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FReak N Soul,
I am sorry, but I had to edit out the link. As American DJ does not know if what you are sharing is legitimate, or can be something that damages the players firmware. I appreciate your attempt at helping other users, but for the latest supported firmware. Users must contact Thank you, and again I am sorry I had to remove your link.
I am sure if there is an update, that they feel the need to make available for everyone, they will put it on the site. Until then if you have any issues, that you think may be addressed by an update, please contact support.

I honestly can't say why there is not the latest firmware on the site. Maybe because it is easy enough to corrupt the firmware on unit, so they want to be in contact with the users to make sure they do it right?

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