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Hi again Jingles,

Thanx for these, they work perfectly,

Now I´m in need of something a little bit more complicated. I bought 2 x hq-power vdp250mh5, and I cant find any dmx table for it, can you help ? , or do I have to run a full test and write it down, and upload it .

Kind regards

DJ Rollo,
I think there may be a need to make a new thread, sticky it and lock it for a series of URL's that point to "how to use the Library Editor" for these people.

It's not that I want to discourage profile requests, but I think in many cases, a lot of these folks are a bit more capable than they give themselves credit for. Especially for testing purposes.
Hi Jingles,

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I checked out the Chavet Colorsplash Jr. as you suggested. It has only 4 channels.

Here's the poop on the LED 86's:

DMX mode:

The 120-LED-86 is a 5 channel dmx light.

Set dip switches #1 & # 10 on the first fixture to the on position. Dip switch 10 is on to tell the light it is in DMX mode and does not have a value.

On your DMX controller:

Slider #1 is: 0-15 = Off

16 -79 = Strobe, slow to fast

80-159= Pulse strobe
(fades out and back to bright, slow to fast)

160-255 = On

Slider #2- Brightness, low to high (controls overall brightness).

Slider #3- Brightness of the red LED’s
Slider #4- Brightness of the green LED’s
Slider #5- Brightness of the blue LED’s

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