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Seems like a thousand years ago, my college computer instructor was teaching me how to design smart, flexible software. One topic was the idea of not referencing exact values, but memory locations containing values. This was useful so that if the values in those memory locations changed, anything referencing them in the program would reflect the change.

Which brings me back to lighting! Any modern lighting rig using "aimable" fixtures like moving heads or mirror scanners usually needs to have those fixtures aimed at specific targets often during a show. The trouble is, those targets change slightly depending on the stage setup. I have dozens of scenes programmed into myDMX, and each time I set up on a new stage, I have to spend several minutes tweaking each scene containing my movers so they aim correctly.

I can't think of how to do it in myDMX, but does anyone have a suggestion on how to preset aim locations for movers and reference those instead of exact pan/tilt for each step? It would be so nice to be able to aim all the movers at the guitarist on the left and call that "Position A", front centerstage could be "Position B" and so on. Instead of entering exact pan/tilt numbers for each light in each step of each scene, have a way to access a "Position" reference. That way, no matter where you set up, all you'd have to do is tweak the aiming of the "Positions" and all the scenes would know where to point their lights.

I'm sure the big boys do it something like this, but I've never seen it on any lighting console or software program in my price range, and yet it's a fairly easy logic design that makes total sense!
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Be nice, Chris! This is the same issue I was bringing up when we discussed building every room I work with in the visualizer and saving it as a new show. That's the only way I can see MyDmx ever accommodating this issue. For the price, you have to learn to "fool" the program into doing what you want to achieve. More work on the pre-production side, but if it saves a few minutes at set-up time, I get an extra beer in before the show!
I am running into shows these days where they think it takes 15 minutes to set and get a PA running from the time the truck parks, so they get angry at me when I ask for 3 hours.

I've as a business decision, held my ground. "Things take time".

And speaking of taking time, a dog ate my computer power supply cable, so it lost me my entire weekend(since it happened after store hours). Replaced it, and I'm back to work. Going to bust my hump the next 2 days to figure out my lighting show(need an hour loop and will let on stage talent control specials) and I'm a happy camper.

Considering their last show was a Mystic, 2 Par56's and a strobe that didn't work, I think what I offer will be an improvement, or at least I hope it will be.
Hi All (especially Chris),
You're's my job to aim the lights. It's also my job to load in all the gear, set up the lighting, set up the PA, soundcheck the band and DJ between sets. I'm a typical soundman/lightman for a typical bar band that plays in typical bars, venues and outdoor events...all of which take different aiming of lights. What's not my job is to try to improve products I don't make or sell, but I do that too.

DMX is still young and growing. The sooner we can get good, smart ideas into the ears of the R&D guys, the easier it will make all our jobs. Then we'll all have time for an extra beer before the "stars" take the stage...wherever they stand.
Well, "MyDMX" is young. DMX itself has been around quite a long time.

I'll up your ante and raise you multi-camera video switchingm and recording, multi-channel audio recording and stereo recording, in addition to live sound, monitors(floor and in-ears), wireless management and in many cases, tech for entire band(or bands, I do lots of festivals).

MyDMX has made my lighting job a LOT easier. I don't want to turn back to my DMX Operator full time, but at least that old friend is still there, waiting for me when I need it and is still ideal for simple shows.
For Detour:
I discussed with Chris, ad nauseum, why I build every stage I do shows on in the visualizer. Your problem is exactly why. So far, that's the only solution to what you're having a problem with. In effect, you can ask in advance, as I have, for a dimensional layout, or just visit the stage in advance and take pictures and measurements. The final outcome will still need tweaking, but much less if you're willing to put in the time in advance. I've had huge success with this as I now have different shows according to each stage, club, or venue. Also, when working with a large production company for festivals, it's easy to get dimensions straight from them. It's definitely more work on the front end, but sure saves time when I get on site.

BTW, Chris is quite knowledgeable, but just loves to type, apparently! J/K Chris...

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