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To all the MY DMX users there will be a new Software release Coming SOON! Not really any feature updates but midi trigger has been fixed. it will now hold the trigger to memory so that way when you restart it all your saved triggers are there. you can also assign a midi fader to a dmx channel fader on your fixtures. also there is an updated driver. And lastly from what i can tell there are no bugs. and i have not had any crashes as of yet. Again this will be on the site soon. any questions please feel free to ask. Sincerely,
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I had just downloaded the new update for the MY DMX software. My question is while I'm running a show I will get an error code and I'm wondering how do I fix it. The error code reads:

MicrosoftVisual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error
Program C:/myDMX\esa.exe

abnormal program termination

When I click close it will shut down the dmx software and it does come back up pretty quick with no problems.

I use the program on a laptop and I'm using Windows Vista. If you could provide me with any help to this problem that would be great. Also just to let you know if I use the mouse I don't received this error at all but as soon as I try to use the keyboard I get this error.

Here is the specs on the computer:

Processor AMD Turion (tm) 64 x2 mobile tech TL-56 1.80 GHZ
32 bit

yes I am having the same error. I was just in the program not running a light show (just to try it out) and I was using the keypad on the computer and it ended up with that error within a couple of minutes. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you but I just had a chance to try it out again. Like I said befor if I use the mouse everything goes ok with my show. But I haven't really tried using the keypad during a show because I don't want this error to come up on me like that so that's why I tried it out now while I'm not working on a show and I went fast with the keypad then I got the error. Maybe it's to much for the system if you change a scene to fast? I don't know but any help you can get for me would be great. I really like this program it's easy to use but it really stinks when the program shuts down in the middle of a show just because the lights need to be changed a little fast.
I was thinking about this problem and I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but have you ever heard of sticky keys. I've had my settings changed for my keyboard changed and I probably will try it out tomorrow but could this possibly be a reason why I might get that error that I told you about?
I don't have My DMX but there was a comment made by someone that they had trouble while using the number pad. Did you verify that you had the "numLock" on? I had the problem running PowerPoint once on Sunday morning with 800 people in the sanctuary, it was a symptom I'll never forget. Best of luck
I too have had the error, since upgrading. But it gets worse for me.

I had to do a complete rebuild of my Vista 32bit Laptop recently. Since then MyDMX hangs about 30 seconds into a scene when running in USB mode. Works fine in demo mode.

Tried all of the USB ports etc.

I was considering rolling back to the older version. Has anyone else had any issues similar to this?

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