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Can I use a dedicated Netbook to run myDMX? I was thinking that this would be easier to transport than lugging another laptop around.

I've seen them - know the issues of needing an external CD drive etc. . . but will they work with myDMX? I've seen them using WIN XP which would make myDMX very happy.
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I don't see any reason why MyDMX won't run decent on a properly spec'ed netbook. Wouldn't be my choice as they aren't as robust in the field or as servicable(uh, thanks for the pre-load on DVD, now where be the DVD drive?... stuff like that), so I'd personally not recommend the netbooks, because in case of crash, you're double screwed.

Outside of that issue, no reason why you can't.

I first installed MyDMX on a netbook Dell 410. Took me 2 months to get the OS loaded, and I had to do that via a TFTP nad bootp server I had to get going on my network. of course, you should have seen the condition it was in when I received it....

I say hey, for an extra $40, sell me an 4+Gig(8 Gig preferred) bootable USB memory stick that is a ROM, so in case my computer should go and off itself on me via the hard drive taking a crap on me, now they become much more viable because now in case of failure, they become much more servicable.

And yes, DO TURN OFF anything you don't need, which wireless and bluetooth are two major items to turn off. Might want to consider disabling your ethernet port as well as ifrared(is anyone using that anymore?). They just waste resources trying to function when you don't need them, and thus with them disabled when not needed, ensures higher reliablity.

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