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Hello, I have a problem with the MyDMX3 program. Every time I close the program, the program crashes. Another problem is that the program is slowed down and gets stucking/lagging.

My laptop: Macbook Pro 16 2021 M1, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD.

Program version: 26.10.2022.

(A friend has the same laptop, so he also has this problem). Thanks for help.

(The program worked great on my old laptop - Macbook Pro 2011 late)


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I made two videos to better understand my problem.
In one video MyDMX3 is running on winndows 11, macbook pro 2011 and macbook pro 2021 M1 - problematic.
A new session is created on all computers and a couple of groups are created. There you can see the terrible slowdown of the program on the Macook Pro 2021 M1.
The second video shows a crash when I want to end the program (always when ending the program).
The problem will not be in .dvc.

Thank you for solving my problem


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