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So I just bought a myDMX 3.0 dongle and having a bit of a weird time with it.

Downloaded latest software from ADJ website - not recognised as device in control software and error code displayed in hardware manager.

Downloaded newer hardware manager software from dmxsoft, and does not come up with error code. Tried updating firmware (still not recognised by control software), tried rolling back to factory settings (still not recognised by control software). Tried using the hardware manager software to control DMX outputs directly, and have successfully controlled a 3ch strobe I have laying around, but still not recognised by control software.

SUT works as expected.

Have tried on two Macbook Pros (2011 and 2019) and a PC (windows 10), as well as three USB cables.

Hardware Manager (the one which works) - Sept 24 2021

myDMX 3 - June 18 2021

Brand new unit purchased from Bax Music.

Help please!

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