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I’m brand new to this. I bought my dmx buddy. It’s installed and looks to be working properly. I have many lights, but they are low end (ie: Chinese made). They are dmx compatible, but I can’t seem to get them to be controlled by my dmx buddy. They are mini par led, rgb. Maybe I’m using the wrong profile? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I’ll have lots more questions as time goes on! I’m using my dmx buddy to control the lights in my “pub”. It’s my garage Before Covid we were having shows in there. Getting it ready for Covid to be over!!!!



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  • FE2C5931-C020-4975-9126-3A1D0E29D170: Controlling the lights in this room.
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Well this is the sort of thing we tell people about when they buy no-name brand on amazon or ebay etc, there's no product support.
Had you bought an ADJ fixture, it would have been built into the library already most likely.
But all is not lost, if you can patch in about 7 dimmers starting at address 1, and then set up one par and set it also to address 1, and if it has a 7ch mode, put it into that, and then you can go through the channel faders and write down what it does and i can make/find you a working profile.  

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