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Hi there,
Slowly getting my head around this software.

I have noticed 2 repeatable bugs which you may already be aware of:

1. If I create a profile for a RGBAW fixture, the Amber does not show in live or scene builder pages. All other colors are correct.

2. When you have created more than a "Page" of scenes, subsequently created scenes are created off the page and you have to manually scroll right to see them. Similarly when you are in live mode and you are stepping through the scenes using the next button, as you reach the last visible scene on the page, the scenes continue to advance when you press the next button but the page doesn't automatically scroll right to allow you to see what scene you are one or whats coming up. In a busy show there may not be enough time to scroll right manually.

Please can you have a look at these 2 issues and sort them out in your next update.


DMX Dave
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