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When I create new effects in de FX Scene generator the software immediately crashes.

So I select fixtures, click FX, click pixel effect; boom.

I use OSX latests version on a 2014 15" Macbook Pro. Latest OSX.

I downloaded my dmx from your website. It's the december 23 2014 version.

Your help is much appreciated.
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Sorry about that, I was on vacation. Smiler

Try this release date:

But be sure to save all of your important files like your .dlm and profiles, and wipe it from your Mac, then install this as a brand new install.

Let me know if it helps.

PS, We apologize for the issue, we are aware of the issue and should have a release very soon to update this, in the mean time I can link to older releases that you find more stable. Thanks!
Hi James,

I hope you enjoyed a nice holiday. It was most probably well deserved.
I will try the older version later this week.

I'm sorry for my unfriendly post.
It wasn't personal, i was expecting you had a back-up.

I was frustrated because I had an important Gig last saturday and i was hoping that mydmx would help me, make something special.
Bad News. Really Bad News.
I installed the s/w according to your guidelines.

I made an easy set up: 2 Sirius Scanners in mode 3, from JB Systems.

Pushed the FX Button, Choose Movement....
Bang crashed again, immediately.
(DMX module was not connected)

I have made a copy of the crash report.
I can send it to you if you want.

I purchased the DMX console over 2 years ago.
After loads of problems I gave up.
I was hoping that the s/w would have evolved over the last 2 years. So last week I started with positive enthusiasm. Sadly the feeling is growing that MYdmx will remain a nice concept but will never become a solution for serious lightning?
Ya, it was a crapshoot for it working on Mac with that release.
Sorry, when we added the new features in the scene builder and effects engine and also added the 3D program as a BETA, it introduced a LOT of unforeseen issues on the Mac side and some also on the Windows side.
I did test a release on Mac that looked promising, but it is not ready to be even sent out to testers yet. but we will have a new release and when it is done and ready, it should work great with Mac.

I'm not here to tell you to give up or keep hope, that's up to you. All I can do is try to support the product the best way I know how and that's by being honest with all of our users about the current issues we are facing and also try to push our team to fix them in a timely manner. Thanks! Sorry again for the issues.

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