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I have four Intimidator Spot LED 250’s all hooked up using separate addresses.  Once when I was programming I hit the Gobo icon and four separate panels popped up, allowing me to adjust each fixture’s gobo independently on the fly, which was really handy.  I can’t seem to replicate that now, however, as when I hit the gobo button only one panel pops up.

See attachment.  How do I get all of the panels activate again?


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Here is a reply from the Dev team.

Normally MyDMX Go groups fixtures of the same name/mode as one, so you only see the 1 gobo list which applies to all. If you patch other fixtures you can scroll across the gobo window and select other options from the other fixture wheels. There is a quick edit that can be done, on iOS though (sadly not Android currently). With the 4 intimidators patched, rename them all differently, eg add a suffice of 1,2,3,4 to each respectively, then the app will treat these as different fixtures, and 4 gobo selections will appear when you access it on the live screen.

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