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So am using a windows laptop with ADJ 3.0 box , have had everything work really good without any issues. so now i decided to buy an APC 40 to help elevate my game during live shows.

This is the problem am having , when APC 40 is plugged to my laptop by itself everything is working and supposed to be. but when i plug in the my dmx box i cant get the APC to work its just inactive.

Most interesting thing AKAI apc works just fine with my dmx 2.1 box so my questions is there something am doing wrong . both AKAI and my dmx 3.0box are being plugged  to my laptop via USB , i did go to my preferences and select APC as my input output device but even this functions are inactive when both are plugged in. please i need help 



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Hi, using MIDI on MyDMX 3.0 is a paid upgrade. you need to have purchased a FULL license from for your box. Midi, 3D, and the Show tab/Easy Remote are NOT included out of the box. There is a free 30-day trial on the website for you to grab for your 3.0 interface, after that you can purchase a Year license or pay a one time, forever fee. 

But again, MIDI is NOT included, it is a paid add-on. 

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