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Hi everybody,
I currently have a problem making an ETC express cueing mydmx over midi usb cable like this.

The computer receive midi because the "Virtual MIDI piano Keyboard" apps installed respond to the input from the ETC.

I read on this forum that MyDMX is not supposed to care about where the signal is coming from as long as it is received. (And it is demonstrated with another apps)
MYDMX was in foreground while waiting midi command.

What else should I do?

The PC is a Toshiba portege x64
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MyDMX does care where it is coming from.

Trigger "learned" must continue to come from the same location they were learned from. In the case of your MIDI interface, as long as the MIDI interface is working and plugged in, that is sufficient.

In my case, I have a M-Audio MIDISPORT 2X2, which has two sets of MIDI inputs and outputs, a bank A and bank B, giving me 32 total MIDI channels to work with. If I send a trigger command via A, say, channel 1, note 32, I will need to make sure that the learned trigger continues to come in on Port A, MIDI channel 1, note 32.

Check to make sure your triggers were saved. They don't auto-save. Save your MyDMX show file after learning triggers.

It's been a few years since I've used MyDMX 1.0, but I recall the process for learning triggers wasn't hard. I think a right mouse click or something like that for "learn", and then put it into standby mode where it listens, then the first MIDI trigger that comes in is captured and "learned" when it comes to scenes. When it comes to channels, you can map a CC controller to a channel, such as the Behringer knob and fader controllers and the Korg NanoKontrol(just to name but a few)

You might want to ensure that you've downloaded and installed MIDIOX for PC and tested to ensure things are working properly(it sounds like they are). You also DO NOT want to be sharing the MIDI interface with another program at the same time, since this is a single-port interface(1 MIDI bank = 1 port, despite having IN and out, it's one MIDI bank, hence 1 input port).

Keep in mind that MyDMX is kind of "stupid": you have to teach it, it won't auto-learn stuff. This is actually good because you can have control over what you do and don't need to assign to a controller.

If I keep getting asked to help for MyDMX 2.0 stuff, I might have to go out and buy it!

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