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I have a DMX OPERATOR 384 and when I boot up in MIDI mode the DMX additions don't work. that's how it is?? It does not specify anything in the manual.
When I start in MIDI mode (connect to PC via USB) I am able to send signals to my midi sequencer, but I don't see the results via DMX. It also does not move the DMX commands when reading the commands coming from the MIDI sequencer.
I don't understand how to move DMX from a MIDI sequencer if I can't see the DMX and MIDI commands simultaneously.
What's wrong with me??

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I have updated to version V25
But everything stays the same.
My steps:
First, I record some DMX command on my sequencer (cubase) with the Operator 384 in MIDI mode. So far so good. It is spelled correctly.
Change operator 384 to normal mode. But at that moment my sequencer does not recognize the midi device that in MIDI mode it did recognize me (ADJ MIDI KEYBOARD).
How (where) do I send that recording from my sequencer to the Operator 384??

I'm sorry, but it doesn't work.
Pages can only be chosen / selected in MIDI mode. In Normal mode I can't choose pages.

One question: When I put it in normal mode, my sequencer doesn't recognize the 384 Operator as a USB/MIDI interface. How does the midi signal reach the Operator 384??
In any case I have also tried with a separate USB/MIDI device and attacking the 384 Operator by midi instead of USB. But that doesn't work either. It does not respond to recorded midi impulses.

1. If I put it in NORMAL mode, the pages can't be selected.
2. If I put it in NORMAL mode, the USB connector light goes off and my sequencer doesn't recognize the USB device.
3. If I put it in NORMAL mode and send the midi signals through a separate USB/MIDI device. He doesn't respond either.
(notes: the midi channel is the same. checked)

I just want Operator 384 to answer me according to the table in the manual (the same one you attached here)
Is my Operator 384 device broken/defective??
Am I missing something in the maneuver? what am i doing wrong?

Thank you!!

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