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So, I upgraded to Dec 10 release but after 30 seconds it crashes with unknown error.

If I use May release - completely stable.

I've tried this on 3 different machines so far.. all do the same thing.. Dec 10 is totally unstable and unusable....

Could it be Dec 10 release not liking my show files ?

Tried Un-installing completely and deleting directory, then re-installing cleanly... still has the same problems..

I'm just about to try a new show file to see if that makes any difference....

Many thanks,
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So I have done some testing Smiler

It would appear that ALL 30 of my show files (I also do the lighting for a tribute band and have an individual show file for each of their tracks) cause Dec 10 release to bomb out as soon as I switch to any scene.....

If I create a brand new file in Dec 10 release and create complex scenes with FX etc... .- no problems....

Now, I cannot believe that all 30 of my show files are corrupt. I started with 2.0 virtually as soon as it came out so have been building show files since the beginning and constantly updating them...

which leaves only 2 possibilities :-

1) Between the May release and the Dec release... something has changed in the way it reads the show files and this is causing the program to bomb out consistently...


2) ALL of my show files are corrupt....

Re-doing all my show files is NOT an option... (they have dozens of scenes and dozens of steps in a lot of the scenes and I'm pushing over 300dmx value...) - which would take me weeks to do finding the time and testing...

Where do I go from here.. .??????

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