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I have just experienced a massive issue with mydmx3. 0. I have just spent 16 hours(not consecutive) programming lights for a two band gig. Each song had a few or max 10 scenes and there would have been close to 35 songs. MYDMX crashed (which wasn't a surprise to me) however when I tried to reopen the file, it refused to load all the scenes and got stuck with a progress bar in front of it rendering the whole program and all of the work that would load unusable. I have tried to find somewhere it says there is a maximum Scene count and there is nothing, mydmx should have a automated error message to alert the user for this anyway.


If anyone has experienced this issue and have been able to recover their work, please let me know as I now only have 18 hours to redo or recover my show file.



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Hi sorry to hear of this issue! MyDMX 3 doesn't have a hard value limit but the more you do on it the more your computer needs to be able to handle all it is doing. but even the developers themselves say this program was not designed for shows  with hundreds of cues set to precise time code/timing. 
If you send me your file by way of file send or dropbox, i can have it looked at and maybe fixed, but no promises.  

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