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Originally posted by FloMAC:
This is my mapping for VMS4 in Traktor2.0
Press Mic1 or Mic2 to enable the sampledeks Wink

...and gain, treble, mid and bass to play

Please, I need some help with my VMS4!

I have attached below the TSI file, the one I use for Traktor Pro 2 with four decks. It is well mapped, but I want to change the commands for the browser (browse the playlist and option to load the decks).
I personally do not use effects, so I will not need it and I keep control buttons for browser options.

Effects zones - left side (is marked with red in photo)

1. when I press the ON / OFF button I want to Maximize Browser
2. when I turn right or left the SELECT button, navigating through the list on the left. And also wen i press it to open folders
3. When I turn right or left SELECT button from SAMPLE area, navigate thorugh the playlist on the right.
4. the PLAY and REC buttons from SAMPLE area: LOAD tracks in to decks.
Someone, please help me!
The TSI file
And the photo
[QUOTE]Originally posted by FloMAC:
You don't have try my map... Frowner

in my map is possible to navigate in the track when you press the "SELECT" and rotary this to select it.
Then to load track simply press left pitch "-" for track C, "+" for track A, right pitch "-" to track B and "+" for track "D". Just simple!

Try and Smiler

Yes, I test your map. Indeed it's vry simple and eficient, but I need the pitch function. Please very much when u have time to change the TSI file which I attached to this post. In previous message, I specified the commands I want to change. Pls pls pls pls help me!
I owe you for lifeSmiler
The TSI file download...

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