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I have My DMX 2.0 and two separate notebook PC's.
The newer one (Windows Vista) recognized the interface and the software loads and runs just fine for about an hour. Then the lights will just freak out. Some strobing, changing colors, and gobo's spinning.
At first I thought it must be the USB cable, so I swapped it but same result.
The other notebook (Windows XP) runs the software just fine, and can do so for days with no problems.
I really want to use the Vista notebook but can't because when this happens, the only solution I have found is to completely reboot the notebook and reload the software. This notebook has 4 USB ports and I have tried all of them. Since one works fine the the other doesn't, I am pretty sure this is a hardware and not a Software issue.
Has anyone else encountered this kind of behavior?
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Thanks for the quick response.
All of the power saving features of the problem computer have been turned off. I'm not opposed to rebuilding everything software wise on this PC, I just wish I knew for sure if it was a software or a hardware problem.
When it happens, it doesn't act the same way as if I had unplugged the USB cable. All or the lights just freak out, and even lights that weren't on in the scene start flashing. Do you think I should start by reinstalling My DMX 2.0 and see if that helps. When I initially installed it on this computer, it wouldn't automatically install the scan libraries and would error out. I had to install the scan libraries for ADJ and Chauvet by hand. But otherwise everything in My DMX appears to be working just fine.

While I have you, I have been looking into controlling the lights through MIDI with an App Store app called "Set List Maker". It has a MIDI interface that would coordinate an entire songs timing to control anything MIDI. I didn't know if you would be familiar with it, but I was wondering if you could recommend any particular hardware that would interface with the My DMX 2.0 to control it by MIDI? I am really unfamiliar with MIDI. Here is the info for "Set List Maker".
For my testing right now there are only 16 fixtures. 8 Flat Pars (FP QA5X), 4 LED Pars (64B LED Pro), 2 Mystic LED's and 2 Quad Phase. They are all mounted on T-Bars in a transportation rack and the T-Bars are within two feet of each other. There is a 10' mic cable going from the My DMX 2.0 interface to the first T-Bar.
If you would send me an email address I could send you a picture.
In my performance setup there are 8 additional 64B LED Pro's, two Sweeper LED's, and a Galaxian 3D laser, and there is about 200' of mic cable.
I know you are thinking it is the mic cable, but in this testing set up, all I am doing is plugging the USB from the My DMX 2.0 in one notebook or the other. The XP notebook never has a problem. The Vista notebook freaks out after about an hour. In my performance setup, even with all of that mic cable, I have never had a problem until I started using the Vista notebook.
Well the thing about mic cable for data transmission like DMX is, it works.......until it doesn't. I would urge you to start using DMX cables in the near future.

Far as I can tell there is no currently known issue with Windows Vista. and since it only happens on that computer, to me it seems like the drivers for the interface don't like something on that computer..... question is, what?
My email is jamesk at Americandj dot com
I have the same problem with the latest version of myDMX2.0 usually more than 3 times in an two hours show. It's embarrassing! However I use a complete different setting than danhaynes42 and I tried it by myself with different notebooks (Win7 32 and 64), fixtures, settings, cables including with or without a DMX splitter etc. etc.

By the way for avoiding unnessary callbacks: All my eqipment is of semi-profeccional quality and checked periodically, e.g., after each second show I test all my DMX and audio cables for avoiding emergencies on stage.

In any case, when I got the "lights just freak out" as danhaynes42 described, the only action which helped, was to unplug the interface and restart myDMX. The disgrace in front of the guests is amazing.

However, from my perspective it seems to be a problem of the connectivity / synchronisation between myDMX and the dongle interface. And/or possibly the software (or interface) is not stable enough, for instance against a short time out or what ever may happen at the USB bus.

Please solve this issue as quick as possible!

Please forgive me for my unprofessional english spelling
In any case less than 32 fixtures and less then 100m per chain, and each chain is terminated at the end. In my setting the entire sum of fixtures is less then 32 indepentend of the amount of splittet chains. BTW, my splitter refreshes the signal too, by means it is a repeater.
I will try it with the May and/or August version next time. Unfortunately my next session is late in the year, so it is difficult to check it next time. Nevertheless, did the software engineers something in that area? I could not read anything in this direction within the release notes. Or do you have a link to more detailed release notes?
Any solutions for this? I have run into the same issue with the lights just going crazy. It happens when I am trying to run music and lights from the same laptop. I am using simple music software (winamp) and when I plug my laptop into my rack through the headphones jack everything goes crazy. I also have the same issue when I am trying to run my Traktor S4 and myDMX at the same time. Can I not run music and lighting through the same computer???

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