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Welp, today (Wednesday) is my 21st birthday, and to celebrate that, plus getting a job that I start in a week, plus going back to school to get an Associate's Degree in Entertainment Technology (focus on Concert Sound & Lighting), I bought myself some lighting gear to play with and learn on. I'm more into the concert lighting scene more than the DJ scene.

I got the American DJ Show Designer with a 6 space rack case for an incredible price, and also picked up a brand new Intimidator Wink . The light be here tomorrow and the controller on Friday. If I like it, I think I'll pick up another. I've been considering getting DJ Scan/RG's for the rotating gobos. I don't really care how smooth they are, just that they can pan & tilt and have rotating gobos.

Since I'm new to the forum too, here's a little info about myself.. I'm 21 today, from North Carolina, and I run the PA (and soon to be lights too!) at a non-profit youth coffeehouse for kids age 13-19 every Saturday night. I'm pretty proud about that Big Grin I also play the drums.

I'm really interested to see pictures of people's setups too, if anyone has any they can link.

Take care, everyone Smiler

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MY IDOL gese i do lights not sound more into lighting for concerts wanna play drums and i might get into sound too. in in California tho. luckly my chrich lights are claypac!<y lights with the grand MA board. so its pruty adequate for my needs ha ha but i recently accuried a vertigo and use some colored bulbs and my fogger out in our spoa room with a computer switcher that has the trun on turn off thingys to play with them. Plus i do lights for the highschool church. all pars tho. 15 m cali. reply if ya want to talk buh byez
It's pretty sweet. Our PA is something like 2000 watts total. Not that big, but big enough. Two 15" *** mid-highs with horns, two 18" *** subs, and two *** 10"/horn monitors on stands.

Right now we just have some house tracklights for lighting up the stage but we're getting some PAR38 cans (100w each) and of course I'll have my couple of intelligents sitting on top of the PA speakers. Now I just have to get like a 75' XLR cable so I can put my light board back near the sound board.

Here's the address of the coffeehouse: Common Grounds Youth Coffeehouse
there's no tech info on there, but if you wanna know exactly what we're running, send me an email and I'll let ya know.

That's cool about running lights for your church and stuff. I think we'll have a pretty decent light setup in the next couple months Smiler


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