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I am attempting to setup some cheap amazon PAR LEDs - But they are not responding to programming. I see the DMX output on the correct channels and I even found a map from another brand that appears exactly correct.

"Stairville/18 LED PAR Light Flat2.ssl2"

Ch 1 - Dimmer
Ch 2 - Red
Ch 3 - Blue
Ch 4 - Green
Ch 5 - White
Ch 6 - Strobe
Ch 7 - Macro
Ch 8 - Function

Channels 6-8 can be at 0 in order to operate with manual RGBW control combining any of Channels 1-5 according to the instructions. The fixture is indicating it's receiving DMX signal as well. But they simply wont light up.

Do the Fade and Dimmer checkboxes found under the Grid View in Setup impact this by chance? I am trying different combinations without success.

It's also worth noting that I can light the cans up with no issue using the built in sound, auto or manual color modes. So they do make light lol IMG_4514


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No menu option for changing the number of channels no. You set it to "d" for DMX mode and select the DMX channel. If the "d" is flashing then it's supposedly getting a signal from the controller. Which all four do and on different cables I tried.

The other options are manual colors, auto modes and sound. And those other options are what I was referring to when I mentioned they work in auto mode. I meant the light itself locally.

I can't get them to react to Ch6-8 either for the macros or strobe

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