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Looking for some help on setting properties for a speed channel.  The speed channel is supposed to control the Programs channel.  However the Programs channel a "Undefined" (?) with several macros defining color change, color fade, strobe....  I found on a youtube video how to right-click on the speed preset, and select target channel.  However the channel with my programs isn't available in the pull-down menu.  ...Even though on the video, it showed all of his channels, including a programs channel built the same way.  What am I missing? ...doing wrong?  Thanks in advance

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Hi, most speed channels only need to have a target channel set and a default value, usually 0 set and that's all they need. But if you can attach the profile and the DMX chart I can take a look at it for you.
Also in the future, please just make your post once in one forum section, we see all posts and will answer and move posts to the right area if they are not in the right section, no need to post it twice. Thanks!   

Thanks for replying. Sorry for the multiple posts, wasn't sure where the inquiry should have been posted. The Library editor seems rather undeserved as far as guidance/instruction...

The profile I built mostly works. I had to set the speed channel target to the RGB channels, which actually is correct. However I'm more likely to use the speed channel for the programs, except channel 5 doesn't come up as an option to select as a target...

Profile I built

Photo of DMX channels

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