I created a map with the addresses of the LEDs can be modified at will in jpg. I think we can make available to all. Meanwhile, expect changes to be done to improve our vms4.

vms4_large di Flo Mac, su Flickr


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Errata Corrige

This is correct, sorry

Now is official! If ADJ want to public, no problem. I have the same image in a Big Resolution.
Awesome, thanks for sharing this!

So if I want Traktor to output a signal to turn a button blue instead of red, I should set my outputs to the note written in blue?
Yes, blue is the note in blue in traktor, or if you set both output is possible to have in purple Wink

the channel is 1, no change-
Ohh Thanks! i am gonna try it.

Is it possible to make the play buttons led flashing in traktor? (when cue is set and ready to play its flashes with vdj).
hey flo, once again a big THANK YOU for that picture. with it i was able to create a whole mapping only based on the values without having a vms connected. Smiler

i had only to do minor adjustments and of course the assignments of the not-documented knobs and jog wheels, but using just the values from your pic saved me quite some time! Smiler
Hi...i am a new user here. If led is available for a command you should be able to click the add out button. Then adjust the settings as needed.
I have had issues mapping certain controllers, sometimes you have to use the editor for that controller to set it up for the correct midi messages.I also ran into an issue with a controller in which I had to assign the Beat phase and modifiers to make an output.

printed circuit board assembly
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