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Dear Forums- User,

I’m happy to announce that i from now on will be part of the moderator team of the American DJ VMS4 forum.

I will provide help regarding the general use of the VMS4. My knowledge is specialized converning the use with TRAKTOR – therefore deeper questions about Virtual DJ or any other software should be directed at:

As a constant contact person and moderator i will be function as a mediator between the "worlds" of the users and the manufactur – but please keep in mind that this is the User Forum here and not the official technical support of American DJ. Issues that aren’t (or can’t be) solved here in the forum, please direct at

Please follow the forum rules that can be found HERE.

If you want to know more about me, follow – you can find my bio and links to the usual social networks there. Please don’t send me private emails – questions regarding the VMS4 will be answered exclusively here in the forum!

I’m looking forward reading you and joining a nice community! :-)

DJ Freshfluke
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