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I am kinda new in the intel world so I have a few questions. I am looking for a intel that has a fair amount of colors and gobos, enough for some variety, decent movement , gives you a variety of options to do with it, and not to complicated Razzer , My Lighting partner knows a fair share about DMX etc. My budget is $2500. I would like 4 intels but if I get 2 then they better be decent lights Roll Eyes so ya.... thanks , I am looking forward to everyone's reply.

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Take a look on ebay. You can get some pretty high end lighting equipment and make up a really nice system for under $3000. I got 6 MX scanners (2 MX-4�s and 4 MX-1�s) for under $2000.
Its usually all used stuff but most of the time the stuff is in great working order. You can find pretty much any model of any brand. You can find new stuff on there too from sellers that have ebay stores.
$2500 is a pretty good budget to work with. an Ultra 250 system would kick butt. Just make sure you dont need to move them too much, they are a bit on the heavy side.
I going to have say you should go with 3 Auto Spots. Why? Because they are lighter (14 pds.) you basically just have to plug them in and set them on the floor, there are sound active internal programs if you want to just plug in and play (as the U scans you have to make all your programs) Plus how many djs you know that have moving heads in there lighting show Cool Cool

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