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Is it possible to get hold of the March 2009 version of MYDMX. I have had to rebuild my laptop and I found that the older version was a little more stable than the April 2010. I am using a Windows 7 Home laptop (32bit) so would you recommend using April 2010 or March 2009.

I know previously you had a link to the old version.


Sean Smyth
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Well. I think I have it somewhere. But you should know if you download the "April" version from the link in the my dmx product page that it is actually a sept 2010 version date not April. Our web guys have yet to re upload and re name the link.
Also we should have a new version date sometime this month. So why don't you try the "April"/sept link Smiler and let me know how it works for you.
I've had issues with the September 2010 release, as well as the April 2010 release. I'm downgrading back to the March 2009 release myself.

The problems haven't shown themselves to me in the 3D Visualizer, they've only shown up in actual production evnironments, and unfortunately, it hasn't been acceptable.

I am running on XP Home, latest everything, on a MacBook Pro 17" (early 2008) with ugraded screen, CPU and RAM(upgrading hard drive soon). I'm also planning to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on that machine running BootCamp 3.1 with Mac OSX Snow Leopard(latest fixes as well). So, my situation is that both OS's and hardware are stable, but it appears at least in my environment that perhaps MyDMX isn't happy. So in my case, it's entirely possible that my problems may be due to some incompatibilities with my platform and MyDMX.

I would say to each their own. Problems or not, I still DO like the MyDMX product and will continue to use it. I'm also being forced to ugprade to Compu show to support the type of events I'm doing these days as well.

Thanks for that. I did try and install the newer version but I had problems with the drivers not being recognised. It installs OK but after you run it once Windows 7 decides to corrupt the driver and so MYDMX loads in Demo mode! The only way to continue was to install all and re-install the March 09 version which works perfectly!

Any suggestions. I am using Windows 7 Home premium



I hope you can help. I installed the March 09 version on a Win 7 laptop. After about 10 minutes of use Win 7 decided not to recognize the USB device (MyDMX dongle).

So I uninstalled and installed the Sept 10 version with the latest drivers. All was working for 30 minutes when the clock stopped in my scenes tab. The only way to fix this was to unplug the dmx cable connected to the dongle. The program had not froze as you could select different scenes but no lights changed.

Once you unplug the clock start again and you can plug back into the dongle. This happened every 15 minutes during my gig on Saturday.

Any thoughts as to why this might happen?


You should still use terminators on all your DMX runs.

Is your OS 32-bit or 64-bit Win 7? What flavor of Win 7? I think with either April or September 2010 releases, 64-bit installation was part of the installer, but before that, Vista 64-bit and Win 7 64-bit required some patch files and special instructions to get it working.

Also, what's your pre-show work-up?

Honestly, boot up without the MyDMX hardware installed. Login as necessary, then plug in the hardware and THEN run MyDMX. IF you reboot or restart, DISCONNECT the hardware. Also make sure your hardware is connected to the DMX signal FIRST, then plug in the dongle to the USB.
Re-install the A/V software

Try another USB cable and USB ports. DO NOT use USB hubs, powered or otherwise.

Make sure you're only using DMX cabling.

What is your pre-show preparation procedure?
Make it this:
Disconnect the MyDMX hardware from the computer prior to start-up.

Boot the computer.

The MyDMX hardware should be connected to a USB cable and to DMX.

Once logged into your computer, now you can connect the MyDMX hardware to a USB port.

Lastly, now you can connect launch MyDMX.

MyDMX seemed to support Win7 better since April 2010. The first round of 64-bit drivers were designed for Vista 64, but have been tested to work with Win7 64-bit. You may have to use a more recent version of MyDMX to ensure reliability with Windows 7.
I always like to rule out everything before calling an item dead.

Could be worse. Some electronics have "self diagnostics" and despite reporting a pass, are provable to be in FAIL mode. I guess this is a self preservation mechanism?(please don't trash me...)

In my line of work, we gotta rule out absolutely everything before declaring something dead.

In the case of the Korg Nanos, the nanopad is NOTORIOUS for in-box failures. Guitar Center refused to do an exchange on mine since I already had a dead one(didn't use it for over a year since purchae, dead in the box) and didn't want me doing a warranty exchange at their expense. Bought a new one, told them to track the serials. Brought it home, most pads were dead. Brought it back, they gave me crap about it, accusing me of swapping parts. I had my prior dead one in the car just for that purpose.

I said, "OK, here's the deal: I'll bet $5000 of my cash that if you pull 3 more nanopads out of inventory and test them, I bet you'l get at least 2 dead ones. If I'm right, your store just gets $5000 for no exchange of merch" and the manager couldn't pass that up. They didn't have 3, they had 2. I said bet still good, and they had 2 more dead in the box nanopads. I got my refund.

I had to deal with Korg later on, and they send me 5 more nanopads, all with in-box failures. I said "Look, this is getting old fast. Bench test one and send me that one", and that's when I waited a month and finally got a working one.

The MyDMX hardware has been rather reliable, but is prone to being blown up by users doing something wrong, often by not even knowing it, like by a surge heading back down the DMX line. Thank goodness you're using the optobranch/4, so you'll never experience that. Sounds like a new failure unit.

Do the exchange and get back working fast!

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