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I picked up a pair of these today...there are a couple of issues...

Firstly, in the manual under the section for the IR remote control it says...

"SHOW - This activates the show mode. Use the “DIMMER +” and “DIMMER -” buttons to scroll through the 4 shows."

This doesn't work at all as described. All the DIMMER +/- does is increase/decrease LED brightness. On the pair of remotes I have the button is labelled "SHOW 0" and pressing it does just that...resets the show back to SHOW 0 and nothing more.

Secondly, if I press SOUND OFF, set a colour and a gobo for slow dances and then when it's party time press SOUND ON...the heads move around to the beat which is great...but the gobo and colour never change again from what I set them as when running in SOUND OFF mode. I have to then physically kill the power to the heads to hard reset them then all is well again, simply putting them to blackout doesn't correct the issue.

That's all i've found so far.
Hi, Ian.

I don't know if you're still using these lights and I know it's been a while since your post but I have just got a set of four myself and have some info on your problems...

The dimmer controls do exactly as you say. I have not yet found a way to control the strobe speed. It seems to pick a random speed/mode each time you press the button.

As regards your second problem, if you just press the colour or gobo button then press show0 the colour/gobo will cycle again. :-)

Also, once you have pressed show0,the number buttons can be used to select a show number.

Hope this is some help. :-)

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