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I want an honest comparison of the scratch features in the Pro Scratch 2 and the ******* 800's. I've been using vinyl for the past 7 years of life and quite frankly my back is beginning to get sore from having to carry 8 crates of records up stairs 3 times a week. I wanted to lighten my load a little so I purchased a ps1. I was impressed with all the features such as the looping and effect but the scratching left me craving a lot more. The sound of the scratching was decent but when it came time to release durring a mix it made it almost impossible to get it right. either the song would take off too fast or too slow. Scratching to begin a mix was immpossible with out ending the scratch early pressing the cue button thgen press ing play. That said last weekend I playes at club out of town that had the 800's in it and was very impressed with the scratching when i took my finger off the jog weel it began right on time and allowed for flawless mixes. Now although the 800's are not out of my price range i still would rather pay less for a comparable machine. From reading the posts in this fourum i've seen many people talk about the ps2 and just wanted to read people honest opinion on the two. Leaving all the effects and looping features out and just concentrating on the scratching and mixing abilities (like with a turntable) how do they compare. As well it would be nice to have a definate answer as too wheter or not you can scratch and then let go in time of the mix with ps2 which i found to be impossible with the PS1. Any comments is welcome no matter how minor. and if you agree with someone just make the point again i want a real solid opinion.

...and No i'm not in a possition where it would be possible for me to test it out for myself

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To be honest, the biggest difference between the PS2, and the CDJ-800, is the jog wheel size. Being that you are coming from vinyl the 800 will feel a little more natural due to the size of the wheel. But the PS2's scratching is vastly improved over the PS1's, and equal to or greater than the 800's. Plus you get alot more features on the PS2's at a much better price.

My best advice to you, is to wait a few more days before rushing out and getting either player. I think it will be more than worth the wait.... Wink
I don't like the 800s pitch bend - way too sensitive over the PS2s and CDJ1000s. Scratching on all 3 units are all just about equal over the PS1. Keep in mind that the scratch effect on the PS1 is simply that, an effect and not a real-time function like the PS2. Getting used to the jog wheel size should not be factor in deciding what model to purchase - they are all proportional to accurate scratching ability. The PS2s beat juggle mode makes us amateurs sound like pros. Unfortunatley the PS2 and PS1s pitch control is lacking with only 0.1 accuracy whereas the Pios you can get 0.05 and 0.02 accuracy. For some DJs this is not important, for some it is. My best advice, get out there and test them all for yourself make up your own opinions.

ROQ out.
Not wanting to compare competitor's products (*ahem* Wink ), I can tell you about the PS1 and PS2, having owned two, and own two.

Like Stevie and ROQ said, the PS2's scratching is much, much better than the PS1's. The platter is human-touch sensative, like a touch lamp. This makes starts and stop deadly accurate. Backspins, no problem. Scratching, excellent! It's not pressure sensative like some other players, which may or may not loose it's responsiveness over time.
The pitch control hasn't been an issue for me. Then again, I haven't done any really crazy mixing. I do like the 100% pitch control though.

I would wait to see what ADJ has up their sleeve though... Smiler

C'mon guys, I just finished paying off my gear! Big Grin
Stevie do you mean to tell me that new players are about to hit the streets. Eeker My wife is going to kill me. It was only a year ago I bought my second set of players. I have my set of PS2's and set of a no competition brand that you are aware of from another forum. Now there is the next level of American Audio and quality. I hope the few discrepancies we had with the two's is issues, jog wheel(for some folks), black or silver versions other than that my PS2's are the bomb. I would love to tour the state playing the new set of Skilz and Clips did for the company. Those guys really got me hooked. Can't wait to see those babies.... Cool

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