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Hi Richard, we definitely charge for more lights, especially if we add the laser. Usually, we take a vertigo, a lotus, a couple of moonflowers, a strobe, a blacklight, and a fog machine if the venue allows it. We also have a 25mw green laser and some intels (dj scan, pocket scans, etc.) that we add to our "premium" packages. Basically, we offer 4 packages, one basic, one advanced sound, one advanced light, and one with everything. Hope it helps. Justin
For me it all depends on the size of the �gig�. I don�t have DJ service, just a lighting service. For like a large house party I would prolly take most to all of the stuff, 10 scanners, a miniMAC and naturally the foggers Big Grin . For say something smaller like a small booth at a convention. I would prolly only do 2 scanners and maybe the mini. And then there is anything in the middle.
Smaller venues: a vertigo, mellinuim or some basic effects, along with a couple highout put black light tubes. I have noticed that in small rooms the blacklights really set the scene. Just dont over use them. Maybe 15 min at a time that way it is an effect, and people dont get used to them. You want people to say "wow" when the room blacks out rather than just having the effect always on.

Larger Venues:
It depends upon what the client wants. Over 80% of my reception clients books the following lightshow:

4-Roboscan 812 intel scanners
4-Robocolor-II intel colorchangers
2-Robozap intel barrels
1-Magic Moon effect (centerpiece)
4-ADJ Opti-Par 575w halogen compact par cans
2-ADJ Agressors
2-ADJ Jewel II's
2-ADJ Sparkles
1-non ADJ Green laser Cool
2-ADJ Black Widows
4-pin spots overhead for punch effect
2-pin spots dedicated for mirrorball (812's also paint the mirrorball)
1-ADJ large red beacon
1-8" mirrorball w/1rpm motor
1-3032 light controller (IBM PC)
2-ADJ SF-8C 8ch controllers
1-ADJ CC-2016 chaser
2-Crank stands (12')
1-10'X 14" triangular truss
1-MP-1000 fogger (MP-2000 for REALLY large venues)

I take 4 of the Elation Moving Heads called the colorspot-150R they do a great job and the kids love them. If it's a big gig then I take the Elation colorspot-250 or for the big, big , big shows I take the colorspot-575 version.. ok, great lighting fixtures.. all intelligent moving yokes but the best part is hardly any compitition is taking this type of fixture.. so we can really take advantage of that when we are closing the deal! just set them on our speakers and on the floor and let them go..

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