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Hi all,

I am using the PS2's to scratch right now. I find that sometimes when I scratch in transition to the next queued songed, I finish the scratch and immediately hit the saved queue point, but it (the queue point) doesn't play right away because the platter is still spinning from my scratching. This screws up the transition because there is a hesitation while the platter is spinning. I thought that if I let go of the platter (regardless of whether it is spinning or not) the music will continue. I know this has to do with the platter spinning because if I use my fader hand to stop the platter from spinning I have no problem...

Am I doing something wrong?
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No your not doing something wrong, it is the way the players are designed. Whenever you put your hand on the platter, the platter has control over the player (just like putting your hands on a piece of vinyl while playing on a TT). So once you put your hand on the platter, any motion you make the platter do, the player will follow along with until both you are not touching the platter any more, and secondly the platter comes to a complete stop. Without that feature, you couldn't pull off things like backspins.
Let's not get started with who's better and all that ...we can go on all day why the PS2's in fact are still a better player.......We can start at the price..... Cool
First off you must understand just like vinyl ...if the platter is moving nothing is going to cue on beat. I personally always tap the platter to stop the momentum of the platter. If you put the player in juggle mode and scratch and backspin you need to stop the platter by taping to get on beat. If you back spin vinyl unless you have it marked already you have to find your cue point and recue to mix in the music. With the PS2 put the player in juggle mode, have your cue point set. Play the cued player, scratch your cued point, backspin and tap the platter in beat with the song playing and it should still be in beat, turn off the bass on the song your mixing into. Scratch the song your fading out and bam your transition is complete. Cool
Thanks for the explanation!

The one thing is that what if you you want to scratch a different point than your queue point? What if immediately after you scratch a point you want to hit another one of the saved queue points? Then the tap method wouldn't really work because the same hand you use to tap you would also use to hit the quer point.I hope I explained this right =)

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