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It was working the other day. Then MyDMX 2.0 crashed and upon reboot. The .dlm I was using never worked again. The program would just keep crashing.

So I opened it up in 1.0 (which the scenes still work perfectly) saved as a different name and when I open it up in 2.0, the pan and tilt in the scenes don't work.

Any idea why?

UPDATE: I think I figured it out. If I import a 1.0 dlm in to 2.0 and don't resolve the ssl errors by picking the correct ssl file, I lose everything on those channels on every scene. I was just canceling the errors and just patching in the missing lights when the program finally opened. This kind of sucks, because I also ran into this issue when I accidentally deleted a light and repatched it. I lost all the movement saved on that light.
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Sorry for my late reply, i had this notice flagged, and thought I had replied to it or to you personally. guess not, my apologies.

Glad you figured it out, and yes you need to be super careful when importing from 1.0 to 2.0 and also when changing profiles. anytime you remove ANYTHING from the patching grid, it wipes out ALL data for those channels, usually.

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