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Let's look at a few facts. A lot of people are buying MyDMX, and then simply using what software came on the CD that was packed in the box. Yes, it works, but it may not be the latest.

Often, CD's are pressed months before they get stuffed into boxes and sent out for shipping. It's not unusual to discover that the software you just bought(with or without hardware) may be out of date even though you just took it home and it was new in the shrinkwrapped box. This is not only true for software, as it can be hardware too. How often have you bought a broadband router to discover newer firmware is available?

Many issues with MyDMX have been addressed, some resolved and some not fully resolved yet. More often than not, I've been noting problems described by people who could have simply updated and resolved many of the issues.

The latest build of MyDMX is always available from the ADJ web site. Please update and see if this addresses your concerns. If not, then please come back and start a new message thread so your issues can be addressed and possibly be resolved.

Hope this helps a few people. For the rest, I request that they use the forums in order to get the help they need. That is what the forum is here for.
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There have been some ideas about a profile sharing site. This might be the best place to get profiles on a one-at-a-time basis, especially when someone makes a profile request.

I think some of my profiles made it into the Chauvet archive.

What makes the profiles thing work right now is the willingless of others to share. I may do something on my web site once it's redone sometime soon.

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