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A few things:
does hardware manager show that is now has 1.01 firmware version on the MyDMX 3 dongle?
Make sure to close the hardware manager before launching the MyDMX 3 program, the driver shouldn't be split between the two programs and the MyDMX 3 programs need priority to the device. I assume you are using the June release of MyDMX 3, but are you using it on Windows or Mac and which release of either OS?

@Jingles8302 posted:

Ok well their stuff isn't always up to date and matching with ours, you should always just use what we have posted on the product page or reach out to us if you have issues.
Try this release it should give you October 7th or 8th: wordle today

that was the problem, but you've corrected it, and you're the finest. I enjoy the content on YouTube. Many, many thanks.

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