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Hello!  I'm trying to produce a strob effect with 12 RGB LED fixtures.  I'm programming a two steps Scene, one is full on white, the other is full off, each with the minimum step hold time of 4/100 second.  When playing the Scene, the flashing is not consistent in speed, and some fixture will light with random stray colors, like blue or red or not at 100%, etc.  The system is not able to keep up.  Using a 8/100 hold time will slows the flashing as expected, but the flashing stabiity is still not perfect.

I alsouse an ETC Smartfade console that will produce a near perfect strobe effect and I'm surprised the MyDMX system can't.

The Core 2 duo MacBook i'm using is not the latest, it's pretty old actually, but it meets minimum specs.  I would not have thought that flashing lights was a difficult task for any computer.  In Activity monitor on the computer, the MyDMX app will use about 120% of processors while working, which I think is a lot!  One well known lighting console of the mid 2000s was still using an Intel 386 CPU with no trouble!

I checked in the System profiler of the MacBook, and seen that the MyDMX3 is connecting as a USB1 device, at 12mbits/s.  Is this correct?

I also tried a somewhat newer i7 iMac with a beefier configuration and I have the same issue, but it's using less processor ressources, as expected.

So, what's going on here?  If the system can't keep up with such a simple two-step Scene, I can't imagine what it would be like to smoothly manage an Universe full of movings lights!


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Oh, the computer I intended to use is on 10.13 "High Sierra" and won't go higher!  That was within the supported OS of the current release.  The other iMac I have is on 10.14 "Mojave" and could go to 10.15 "Catalina" at the max.

Looks like I stay on the app I have now, for a while, as a new computer is out of question for now!!

Thanks anyway, this is not a deal breaker issue for us.

Hi, i went to confirm with one of the techs at our Dev. team, and they said the MINIMUM Mac OS is still this release should work for you, but again the self-made strobe might be a CPU issue or maybe even a DMX refresh rate issue which you can adjust in the hardware manager program, but we don't really recommend changing this very much.

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