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I have added a Chauvet GigBar 2 to MyDMX Go and it works great for the most part, but the strobe has some strange behavior. By default, the strobe is set to On, so the strobe lights are basically on at full blast the entire time. When I hit the strobe button on MyDMX Go software, the lights do strobe as expected, but they go back to default and blasting light as a default.

When looking at the fixture settings, I see that the strobe is set to a value of 0, but this is causing the strobe light to be on. Moving the slider to anything above 0 will cause the strobe to go off. I can manually set this to prevent the strobe lights from blasting, but then I lose functionality.

With that said, I think the strobe functionality is backwards for the GigBar 2. 1 way to fix would be to set the default value to something greater than 0 so that the light would default be off and this should also work for strobe function.

Please see these 2 videos I took that demonstrate this behavior:


For reference, the strobes are the 4 dots that are on the GigBar above the TV.

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Hi, what channel mode are you using for the Gigbar 2? There is a best channel mode where it has better strobe control.
Also anything with a dimmer channel will always be ON as the default for all lights with a dimmer channel is on. so the strobe channel at 0 means no strobe as it should be, but if you move the strobe channel above 0, it most likely is a real slow strobe, try leaving it on value like 15 and just wait, and i bet it will strobe, and if so this means that the behaviour is normal as we default strobe channels to off, which in the manual for this fixture is 0 value as it is in the profile.   

Thank you for the reply. I am using the GigBar in 23 channel mode. I think you are correct that the value increases the strobe pattern, but the bigger issue is that the strobe lights are default to on. Those 4 lights are really bright and are just default to on. When the strobe function is triggered, they do strobe as expected, but they revert to a default value of always on. It's hard to look anywhere near the DJ booth as these lights are blinding since they are always on.

For the time being, I have gone through each of my presets and increased the value from 0 to slightly above 0 just so I can not have them at full blast the entire time. So, the strobe functionality works, but the lights should not be on all of the time and should only go on when strobe functionality is triggered.

There is some issue where the value is set to 0 but the lights are on. They do not strobe, they just stay lit full white and it is very bright.

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If you check the videos I linked, you can see that once I release the strobe button, the strobe lights come back on and stay on until I press the strobe button again. They should not be on unless the strobe button is pressed.

  • First video you can see when I release the strobe button at 0:14 and the strobe lights stay on.
  • Second video, lights are shown on as default without pressing button, button gets released at 0:13 and the lights stay on
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Possibly, it comes down to if there is a dimmer channel assigned to JUST the strobe LEDs, then it will ALWAYS be on, unless you custom make your own profile and edit it to be defaulted to off, but even on the profile builder it will give you an error, but you maybe able to save it.
If you are on facebook there is a user group for the GO and lots of users have tweaked their profiles and would be happy to share them with you.

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