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Well, I've downloaded MyDMX, and I was playing with that instead of doing other paying work. 5 hours worth.

OK, first impressions. This isn't the most impressive software I've ever seen, but I'm strange. I'm more impressed with an older networking monitoring package for frame relay networks, but that's a whole other ball of fun. But sticking to lighting design software and no other exposure, I must say this is a good looking package.

I contacted Jingles for a little bit of help. I had an issue in regards to missing fixtures, anad how to otherwise address these issues. After that, I was on to finishing my channel assignments, other lights and onto the visualizer.

The visualizer was not my thing at first. I haven't worked in 3D before, so it was quite a challenge. I don't think I mastered it, but I certainly made good progress. I did make the mistake of blowing out the default "room", but that is minor.

I built my trusses with tripod stands and i-beam. 3 i-beams across the front, 2 in the back. I moved my lights into position and started aiming them. Once I discovedered the mouse wheel can also adjust values, this aiming went fast.

After I did my aiming, I added my elements. A guitar rig on each side backline, drums in the back middle, keyboards, 2 guitar positions and a singer out front. Then I ran into my first problems.

The person was too tall compared to where I had the lighting set-up, so I had to raise my i-beams and start over on aiming. Good learning experience.

I haven't gotten more into the software yet, but I like what I see. Makes me wonder what CompuLive is like. Now, considering either upgrading my console, this MyDMX is a really good alternative. Plus, instead of replacing my console, I can augment it. Should the computer go down on a show, the DMX Operator loaded with scenes and chases can be plugged in fast and the show goes on. But, assuming that MyDMX runs fine, it would be a great console or controller. Might be a tad slower in some areas, but other than that, no problem. Basically, you can move faders and in groups faster with a control surface than a mouse. I'm not trying to point out a negative. In my case, I can fast patch my controllers so either way it's fine.

Right now I'm working on a big gear buy. It appears MyDMX is bundled into this. For reasons to protect the seller, I am not mentioning my price. It appears that even at MSRP, this software is cheap. No, cheap does not mean junk. I mean, when I look at what I get vs what I pay, it's a great bargain.

If you're considering a console upgrade from some of the lower cost consoles, getting into DMX or just needing more than your console can provide, I think MyDMX is a good option. It's priced right, easy to use and seems mostly intuitive. This from 5 hours and really no help and not doing much.

You can animate movers, layer stuff. Geeze, unlimited scenes. All the stuff I want that my much liked DMX Operator can't do, it's in MyDMX.
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The indvidual fade and hold times would definately become a very marketable features to those doing lighting design and shows. Because a fair number of shows today are pre-recorded/sequencer driven(Moody Blues, anyone?), syncing lights to music would be made much easier with this degree of control.

Although I'd be mainly using MyDMX to create non-syncing sequences for weddings and small events just to liven it up, should I start working on a production, the fade and hold times will definately be something useful.

Considering how pleased I am with the DMX Operator, MyDMX seems a natural progression. It is either new board or software. Even without further goofing around with MyDMX, the choice is clear for me. Software will be the way to go.

ADJ keeps coming out with new and more affordable products. This is not only a great intro software package for those new to software solutions for lighting, but even for a newbie getting into lighting. Not saying "hey, burn all the consoles", because consoles still have a big place in the market. MyDMX can give a lighting person a big advantage.

Now, if there was just a method of getting more complete sets of lighting fixtures for other brands. In the meantime, this helps me steer towards ADJ products.

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