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Hi, I used to DJ about 10 years ago in high school with the standard setup of (2)Technic 1200's, a mixer, and a very basic sampler. I did an occasional party for friends but mostly worked on remixing songs, making intro's with various samples and making mixed tapes. Time went by and I focused my attention on computers (my career).Recently my interest has been resparked and I am looking to get a dual CD setup. Doing some quick research I am currently looking at either the Velocity or the Pro Scratch 2. I still have some of my existing equipment such as amp, speakers, headphones, etc. I am only looking for the CD players and a new mixer. I have tried mixing stuff using MP3's on various software packages but it didn't feel the same, I guess I'm just used to the traditional setup. I am going to list some facts and questions below and was hoping if some more experienced DJ's could give me advice on how I should move forward.

1)I am not a big scratch DJ but would like to have the option.
2)I like the Velocity but it seems like the two players cannot be separated so there is no way to put a mixer in between them. I feel this may be a little awkward. In this configuration where would you position your mixer...? On top or on the bottom of the Velocity CD units..? I always thought it was logical to have the cross fader control in between the two devices.
3)I am assuming this equipment will stay at home 99% of the time since I doubt I will be doing many parties.
4)I noticed one unit is tabletop and the other unit is rack mounted. Does the rackmounted unit require more space such as a larger rack. This is a small concern because space will be somewhat limited. However having a rack may be an easy and neat way to self contain everything including the amp,and possibly tape deck or CD-RW units.
5)I mostly blend beats by ear but the BPM Counter on the Velocity strikes me as a good feature to have and can prove to be very useful.
6)If all of my comments suggest I should go with the ProScratch 2 instead of the Velocity, should I get the Q-MX2BPM mixer to make up for the BPM meter that is absent from the PS2..? Is the performance, accuracy, or functionality of the BPM Meter on the mixer any better or worse than the BPM meter on the Velocity..?
7)I also briefly looked at PRO MIX� MP3 unit. It seems like it allows you to physically interact with the MP3's with a combination of hardware/software as opposed to just software. This interests me a bit since I do have a lot of material in the MP3 format that I would have to convert to CD audio for the other units. Aside from that initial conversion process is there any advantage/disadvantage that the PRO MIX� has in relation to the Pro Scratch 2 and the Velocity units..?
8)Are the Velocity and/or Pro Scratch 2 compatible with both CD-R and CD-RW discs..? Are these units very sensitive towards less expensive media..?
9)Ultimately I am looking for something that will suit my interest and hobby aspect of using CD's to DJ and allow me to explore and experiment with music. While price is a concern I am more concerned with buying the right equipment. The last thing I want to do is invest in a unit that I will be unhappy with say 6 months later due to lack of features or functionality. I am estimating a budget of $1,000 for the CD units which should be sufficient for all units mentioned above. Also, a ball park figure of an additional $300 for a decent mixer.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I appreciate your time. I am looking forward to your insight.

Thanks in advance...!
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Hi Alex welcome back to the bis. From your questions you sound like you sort of know what you are doing so I offer my advice based on my 15 years experience as a DJ.

Here are some answers I hope will help you make up your mind;

1. Me neither but I agree, its good to have the option available. Both Velocity and PS2 can accomodate the need considering they are both equal with scratching ability.

2. This is a matter of personal preference and comfort, for me I don't like buttons so close together and prefer having my decks on either side of a mixer instead of the "on top or below" arrangement.

3. Ok, but its also nice to have a road case/console/coffin for the sake of a tidy setup and ease of mobility.

4. Yes but an all-in-one system can be awkward and heavy to move around, again a matter of personal preference.

5. Just my opinion but a good DJ shouldn't rely on a BPM counter for accurate beat mixing, and shoudn't be a factor in deciding on what equiment to buy. Use your ears, they're more reliable and accurate!

6. See answer #5 also the QMX2BPM is a good mixer but I just don't like its layout and overall feel. You want to choose a mixer that you feel comfortable using, doesn't have to be American Audio brand either, shop around.

7. I'm the type of DJ who prefers the hands on approach over a computer controlled solution. The Velocity/PS2 CD players have a lot more accuracy in all aspects. Because I do a lot of mobile DJ'ing I could never trust a computer to go the distance and handle being hauled in and out of venues, vehicles etc. You should know, based on your own IT experience that computers are never foolproof.

8. CD-R yes; CD-RW no; Try using well known brand names of CD-R, like TDK, Sony, Maxwell etc. Record CD audio a low speeds eg 2x or 4x for best results.

9. Save your money and buy the best, don't compromise on price.

Overall the best advice I can give is to get out to all the stores and try the equipment for yourself, get some hands on exposure and compare all the different equipment manufacturers for yourself. Just because we say a piece of equipment is good for me doesn't mean its good for you. You need to decide for yourself. Good Luck.

ROQ out.
i have the velocity and the qd-5, the qd-5 is on the right side of my coffin where my tech 1200 use to be, in the middle is the velocity main unit. i love my set up. i like the fact that the qd-5 fader is optical, i'm a fader killer, replacements gets old quick.i went with the velocity more bang for the buck. everyone i meet when i'm d.jing is in awe. just my 2 cents.

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