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There is a profile for this Fixture and I have it on my WMX1, but I'm guessing there is now way to control the prism and focus features. So far I can't figure out how to do that on the WMX1, can any tell me how? Or if it is not possible?

And with that said, I have two Eliminator Stealth Wash Zoom Moving heads on their way to me as well and I'm guessing I won't be able to control the zoom on these wash heads with the WMX1. Does anyone know the answer to that? The Fixture does have a profile that I have loaded on to the WMX1 in anticipation.

Thanx Brian

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Hi the Focus is ran at a default value, but if you need to adjust it you can use a Live Edit on the WMX1. If you are not familiar with Live Edits, there should be a few YouTube tutorials out for the Wolfmix/ WMX1. I believe i touch on it briefly in my overview video:

Same for the Zoom, but you CAN use zoom for effects in the Beam effects section, as an "other channel" again there are some more videos for that out on Youtube i am sure.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.

Hey J,

Thanks, But I still don't get it. Watched your video, but I guess I need specifics to my fixture and the exact sequence on the WMX1. I'm making progress and enjoying the fixtures, but I can't even get my DMX Operator 384 to make the focus work.
I have them both fixtures set at Address 001 and in 15 Channel mode. Channel 10 is supposed to activate the focus feature. It does nothing. I've played around with a bunch of the channels but can't seem to get focus to work at all. Going back to You tube videos to see what I can find.

Any thoughts, Fire Away.

Thanks, Brian

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